The condition of music is the inspiration and master of all the arts. Only music can spring as abstract idea directly from the mind of the composer to the mind of the listener via the interpretative skills of a performer. From man and the forces of the earth through the language of music, tonal/atonal, and with a mastery of basic aesthetic principles, my music speaks a new tongue and evokes images of ancient worlds and worlds-to-come.

Creativity is a constant in the dynamic sense of a world in flux. Man and his Muse must move onward with it to the sky, to find his path as "the-no-other-way." As a composer, I view my perception of a world in transition as a mirror to the indestructible soul and melos of the people of Turtle Island (The Americas). Future generations will find undiscovered galaxies and worlds. Only music can give vent to these revelations and, if allowed, the composer's style and idea will prevail.